Matriarchy for Future – Festival
July 3 – 6, 2025

Kasteel de Berckt, near Venlo NL
40 km from Duisburg

Welcome to the Matriarchy for Future Festival

A fundamental principle in matriarchy is the principle of care, love and life preservation at all levels of society – social, political, economic, ecological and spiritual. It is lived by all people, all genders, and is the basis for a balanced society.

We look forward to a wonderful, inspiring festival with all of you!

We respect the surrounding nature, keep it clean and use our food carefully and sustainably.

We act in a matriarchal political manner, are religiously neutral, respect different opinions and maintain appreciative communication.

We stand for tolerant and peaceful coexistence, without discrimination of any kind.

Everyone who always recognizes the individual limits of others and wants to learn, celebrate and dance together is welcome.

Let’s connect and enjoy days of abundance!

Address of the festival venue

Kasteel de Berckt, De Berckt 1, 5991 PD Baarlo, Netherlands. www.kasteeldeberckt.nl


Dogs are only allowed if they are kept on a lead at all times, due to the presence of young peacocks and other small animals on the castle grounds. 

It is not permitted to feed the peacocks and small animals of the Kasteel or to enter their pasture.

Arrival by car

Kasteel de Berckt is easy to reach from all directions: Eindhoven, Maastricht, Nijmegen, Düsseldorf and Duisburg are only a 45-minute drive from Baarlo. From the A67 and A73 highways near Venlo, you can reach the estate in just a few minutes.

Arrival by public transportation

By train via Cologne, Düsseldorf, Moenchengladbach to Venlo. Then take the bus line no. 377 (direction Roermond) to the stop De Berckt (Baarlo, Limburg). Timetable: https://9292.nl/en


There are two boats on the castle grounds, which you can use during the day. They should always be returned to the pier after use.


Please organise yourself using the standard means whenever possible.

Celebrating in the evening

Confetti, glitter, stickers, markers, fireworks and other advertising and decorative items that can easily cause damage are not permitted. Due to the valuable marble floors, the cleaning costs can be very high if this is not done. 

Please be considerate of people who go to bed earlier.

Charging station for electric cars

Kasteel de Berckt does not have a charging station for electric cars.

Drugs and alcohol consumption

Drinking is at your own risk. The supply of alcohol may be restricted in individual cases. No alcohol under the age of 18. Drug use is prohibited.


The elevator in the castle may only be used by people with disabilities. At no time are others permitted to use it.

Fire alarms and extinguishers

You will be charged at least €375 if the fire alarm is triggered deliberately or if extinguishers are used improperly.

Full board – vegan or vegetarian

The festival catering thrives on active participation, not passive consumption. All participants contribute two hours of kitchen work in a stimulating community – accompanied by the nutrition team – and thus contribute to delicious festive meals. When checking in, you are invited to choose the type and time of your contribution.

Self-service at the buffet: Dietary requirements can be accommodated. Non-alcoholic drinks such as organic coffee, herbal and black tea, water, lemon water, hot chocolate, soya or oat drinks are included.

Eating in group rooms, in the room or outside is permitted. Please note: Be sure to return the dishes, otherwise you will have to pay for them.

Lost & Found

Items such as jackets, cell phones, jewellery are easily lost. A jacket can often be found but smaller items such as jewellery are often not. We advise you not to wear jewellery with sentimental value. We are not liable for lost property.

Overnight stay in a camper

There are no additional costs for electricity and there are plenty of power outlets available. Important: Bring a long extension  cords.

Overnight stay in the room

Room occupancy possible from 5 pm at the latest. You will receive your room key when you check in. A lost room key costs 45 Euro. 

Room check-out on the day of departure until 10 am. Remove the bed linen and place in the laundry trolley.


There are over 1000 parking spaces on the site. These will be displayed on a screen on arrival.

Parking lot P3 in front of the entrance to the castle is only for unloading (luggage, market stalls, musical instruments, etc.). After unloading, move to P5 immediately.

Parking along public roads, on the golf course or in other places that are obviously recognisable as emergency exit routes is not permitted.


Smoking is not permitted in the rooms and indoor areas. Violation of the smoking ban is punishable by a fine of €100.

Social Media

We have already set up a Telegram group, you can join it: https://t.me/MatriFestival. Facebook and Instagram are planned.

Surveillance cameras

There are 64 cameras on the property that monitor you and your belongings. If necessary, the festival organisation can access them. There is a screen with all the cameras in the castle office, but it is not actively monitored.


There are over 100 garbage cans and ashtrays on the castle grounds. You are obliged to throw garbage in garbage cans and cigarettes in ashtrays. Disposable coffee cups, papers, etc. must also be disposed of properly at all times.

At the environmental station near the castle, we sort paper, glass, metal and residual waste.


All thefts are reported to the police.

Toilet paper

You will find toilet paper in the cupboard in the castle’s reception hall.

WiFi connection

Kasteel de Berckt has a well-functioning WLAN connection. This is a freely accessible network that all Berckt guests can use. The name of the network is «Kasteel de Berckt».


I think that we young people have a duty to preserve the old positive values of our culture, such as caring for nature, respecting it and having a connection to animals.«

Karol, 2022 (Bribri, Talamanca, Costa Rica)

Quote from a woman from a modern-day matriarchal society

The photo books «Matriarchs» 1 + 2 with many pictures and information are available on Maria Haas’ website

Mutter mit Neugeborenem vom Volk der Bribri - © Maria Haas, Matriarchinnen 2
Khasi-Mädchen, Garo Hills, Indien - © Maria Haas, Matriarchinnen 1
Bijago-Mädchen, Guinea-Bissau - © Maria Haas, Matriarchinnen 2


When it is time, the ancestors in the Otherworld give you a new pregnancy. Such ancestral sites resemble the female womb, because nature is also regarded as a woman, mother and goddess. Hills are like pregnant bellies, springs and caves are entrances to the uterus. Stones with natural or man-made bowl-like depressions also belong in this context. At such places, magical rituals are celebrated at certain times of the year to welcome new life, be it in the form of human offspring or a rich grain harvest.