Matriarchy for Future – Festival
July 3 – 6, 2025

Kasteel de Berckt, near Venlo NL
40 km from Duisburg

gift giving …

Mother Earth, with her abundance of food and growth, provides the model for an economy based on gifts. Even small children drink this model with their mother’s milk because they would not survive without the unconditional care of their caregivers. But market economy thinking has alienated us from this. In this time of crisis and systemic upheaval, we should return to the model of the maternal gift economy. 

With the idea of giving as a fundamental economic and life principle, we invite you to be part of the festival with your energy – because your energy makes the festival even more beautiful, colourful and powerful!

In addition to your gift of participation, a project like this always requires gifts in the form of money.

You can join the «Matriarchy for Future» Association, or make a donation to the festival via PayPal or eBanking überweisen: IBAN CH62 8080 8001 3068 6175 2, Matriarchy for Future, Raiffeisenbank St.Gallen. Thank you very much!

donate now with paypal …

Vereinsfrauen vor den Kasteel

the association …

We founded a non-profit association under the name “Matriarchy for Future” in accordance with Art. 60 ff. ZGB with registered office in St.Gallen (Switzerland). It is politically independent and denominationally neutral. The association aims to network initiatives and groups that research, strive for and/or already live matriarchal values.

The association operates exclusively on a non-profit basis and the members work on a voluntary basis.

Membership costs 108 Euros per year (9 Euros per month). A supporting membership is possible from 210 Euros per year. We would be delighted if you became a member and supported the festival and other activities. Download membership from here.

Matronate …

The following associations have taken on a patronage and support the festival in a variety of ways. We would like to thank you very much for this.

Internationale Akademie Hagia

Friends of the Academy HAGIA e.V.
Weghof 2, 94577 Winzer
Board: Heide Göttner-Abendroth, Cécile Keller, Gabriele Tscherenkov, Christina Schlatter

MatriaVal e.V.
Association for the support of matriarchal societies and the communication of matriarchal values.
Board: Uscha Madeisky, Dagmar Lilly Margotsdotter und Hemma Ecker

Cooperation …

We cooperate with the following associations and institutions and thank you very much for their valuable support in every respect, financial, operational or ideal.

MatriForum, a cross-border platform founded to spread knowledge about the matriarchal social paradigm with the aim of concretely designing viable alternatives for an egalitarian, peaceful society in balance, for a #MATRIFUTURE.

International Library for Matriarchal Studies
Kantonsbibliothek Vadiana St.Gall/ DenkBar St.Gall