Matriarchy for Future – Festival
July 3 – 6, 2025

Kasteel de Berckt, near Venlo NL
40 km from Duisburg

Tickets are on sale - secure one of 50 Earlybird tickets!

The ticket gives you access to all events and concerts over four days. Included are the entrance fee, three nights’ accommodation in rooms or in your own tent/camper, as well as full vegan or vegetarian meals. The ticket can only be booked as a complete package.

A limited number of Early Birds are available at the start of ticket sales, reduction 40 Euros.

Kasteel de Berckt has plenty of space for tents and campers and the two buildings have around 450 beds in dormitories, double rooms and single rooms.  

If you cannot come to the festival due to illness or other reasons, the ticket will not be refunded, but you can resell your ticket with information to us and details of the replacement person.

We were able to win over the Mampfmobil for the vegetarian and vegan meals. It sees itself as an open project for food supply on a fair and ecological basis.

«We are a kitchen with people with a lot of experience in logistics and food preparation for large groups, but not a caterer. The basis of our work and philosophy in terms of nutrition lies in local resistance cooking from the ’80s.»

The regional ingredients come from farms in the area around the festival location. The focus is on stimulating community spirit. All participants contribute two hours of kitchen work to the preparation. More information.

Any intolerances or dietary requirements can be mentioned when booking your ticket and the kitchen team will be happy to cater to them.

Children up to the age of 12 in their parents’ tent/camper can take part for 50 Euro. For young people up to the age of 18, there is a discount of 30 Euros.  

The extensive water-rich grounds and the winding buildings offer children plenty of variety, but also hazards, especially for smaller children. The responsibility lies with the parents or legal guardians: Parents are liable for their children! 

On Friday and Saturday from 10am-12pm and 2pm-4pm there will be limited spaces for minimal childcare for 3-to-7-year olds.

Helpers receive free admission worth 130 Euros. We will refund the entrance fee after the work has been completed. Interested?

You are also welcome to make a donation to support the festival and people on a tight budget.


380 €

Includes admission, three nights’ accommodation and vegan/vegetarian meals


410 €

Includes admission, three nights’ accommodation and vegan/vegetarian meals


450 €

Includes admission, three nights’ accommodation and vegan/vegetarian meals


620 €

Includes admission, three nights’ accommodation and vegan/vegetarian meals


Amount of your choice

To support the festival and for people on a tight budget


Up to 12 years 50 €, 13 to 18 years 350 € 

Includes admission, three nights in parents’ tent/camper, vegan/vegetarian meals

Zimmer im Manorhouse
Zimmer im Manorhouse

Overnight stay in the castle and Manorhouse.

The rooms in the castle building are simply furnished and exude a cozy atmosphere with old walls and lots of wood.

Many of the rooms in the Manorhouse are originally and imaginatively decorated with paintings.

In shared rooms, there are single beds and sometimes bunk beds.

All rooms are equipped with shower, WC and washbasin. Bed linen and towels are included.

Zimmer im Manorhouse
Zimmer im Manorhouse


»The earth plays an important role. It gives us food and is a gift from Sibú, our God. For us, the earth represents the woman. In our culture, as a woman, I am the head of the clan and the owner of the land. I inherit it from my mother and pass it on to my daughters

Priska, 2022 (Bribri, Talamanca, Costa Rica)


Quote from a woman in today’s matriarchal society.
The photo books «Matriarchs» 1 + 2 with many pictures and information are available on Maria Haas’ website.

Khasi-Frau, West Garo Hills - © Maria Haas, Matriarchinnen 1
Junge Frau der Bijagos, Guinea-Bissau - © Maria Haas, Matriarchinnen 2
Bribri-Frau in Talamanca, Costa Rica - © Maria Haas, Matriarchinnen 2


Everything is structured via the mother line: The succession, the economy, politics, the social structure, religion, the understanding of nature. The human and the cosmic mother, the animal mother and the earth mother, they all give life and the means to live. In the spiritual-religious sphere, this leads to the veneration of the deceased generations. Without the ancestors, there is no survival, because the central world view is based on the belief in reincarnation. As can be seen from observing nature, all life returns cyclically. After the winter break, the plants sprout in spring and it’s the same with people. After a certain time in the world of the dead, they are reborn. This is very specific to your own clan.