JULY 3 – 6, 2025

Matriarchy for

Let’s celebrate, dance, laugh and share. We will create new ideas and build on ancient knowledge. Our vision is an egalitarian, harmonious world without exploitation.









Festival: July 3 – 6, 2025, Kasteel de Berckt, Venlo, NL
Music * Dance * Art * Performance * Films * Meditation *
Women’s tent * Men’s tent * Community * Yoga * Body * Readings * Workshops * Lectures * and much more

the World at a tipping Point

Where to? We can decide!


Let’s bring it into balance. Thanks to the knowledge of matriarchal peoples who have survived the waves of violence from colonisation and missionary work, it is possible to present a strong and down-to-earth vision of the future. 

It’s good that so many people are already on their way, at so many different places. 

We want to bundle this power for life at the festival. Communal, peaceful, free and self-determined.



Shaping the future: The world needs you!

Our respect for the earth and its resources arises from the wisdom that everything is reborn.

The caring and nurturing principle is at the centre and is the basis for developing effectively in life.

Life in balance in a matriarchal society: Peaceful within themselves and with their environment – for a good life for all.

Learn from women’s knowledge!


Here with us you are at the right place. The MATRIARCHY FOR FUTURE festival stands for diversity and openness. We cordially invite you to join us in brainstorming about an ecological, egalitarian and peaceful world.

When we reflect on matriarchal knowledge, it has radiance. Our exchange creates a domino effect in the collective.

You will go home more grounded and inspired.

Let’s change the world together!


You can listen, join in, enjoy, exchange ideas, present and develop yourself.

The focus is on indigenous knowledge based on centuries-old wisdom.

More than a concert: The colourful bouquet of cultural diversity is based on the nourishing principle of Mother Earth.

Let’s explore matriarchal community together!


In the evenings and sometimes during the day there are several concerts with musicians and groups of different styles. You can look forward to great top acts. Inquiries are currently being made and we will inform you here as soon as we have final confirmation.

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Listen to lectures and take part in workshops on the topics of politics, ecology, sociology, economics and spirituality. The speakers come from current social movements and modern matriarchal research.

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You can also expect a varied program for all the senses. Dance, yoga, bodywork, rituals and much more are available. Explore your body and find out more about yourself. Get to know the power of spirituality and find yourself and your community.

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Recognised female artists show their works with references to matriarchal societies. Photography and films, sculptures, paintings and handicrafts. Let yourself be inspired and talk to the exhibitors.

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The festival is aimed at adults and young people aged 12 and over, but children are also welcome. Join forces with others to take advantage of the offers in a relaxed manner. We make every effort to offer children’s activities.

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At the market stalls in front of the castle you will be tempted by a colourful variety of arts and crafts and at the information stands you are guaranteed to find your favourite topics for the time after the festival.

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Whether you are staying alone, with your family, with your partner, with your girlfriends or your mother, in your own tent, in a camper, in a single, double or multi-bed room – we have something for everyone.

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You can help prepare delicious vegetarian and vegan meals and experience inspiring fellowship. The regional ingredients are grown especially for the festival. Various bars cater for the thirsty in the evening.

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Matriachal values are being discovered more and more today.
Let’s live it together!


»Many things are different with the Bribri. There is no violence and aggression. Men and women are equal. For us, women and men are like the two wings of a bird, it needs both to fly

Priska, 2022 (Bribri, Talamanca, Costa Rica)

Quote from a woman from a contemporary matriarchal society.
The photo books «Matriarchs» 1 + 2 with many pictures and information are available on Maria Haas’ website.

Junge Trommlerin der Bijagos - © Maria Haas, Matriarchinnen 2
Clan der Bribri vor ihrem konischen Haus - © Maria Haas, Matriarchinnen 2
Junge Frau der Bijagos, Guinea-Bissau - © Maria Haas, Matriarchinnen 2


Matriarchal societies are egalitarian and are characterised by non-hierarchical social structures. Their economic values are based on equality and solidarity; no one accumulates wealth. Surpluses are distributed in a spirit of solidarity. There are regular festivals with an economy of giving. A sophisticated liaison policy and family ties guarantee a mutual aid system in times of need. A nature-based spirituality determines everyday life and the sustainable treatment of Mother Earth. Matriarchies are not a reversal of patriarchy, but something completely different.